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April 30, 2010

Arizona boycott?

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From the NY Times:

A spreading call for an economic boycott of Arizona after its adoption of a tough immigration law that opponents consider racially discriminatory worried business leaders on Monday and angered the governor.

Several immigrant advocates and civil rights groups, joined by members of the San Francisco government, said the state should pay economic consequences for the new law, which gives the police broad power to detain people they reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants and arrest them on state charges if they do not have legal status.

La Opinión, the nation’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, urged a boycott in an editorial Monday, as did the Rev. Al Sharpton, and calls for such action spread to social media sites. The San Francisco city attorney and members of the Board of Supervisors said they would propose that the city not do business with the state.

This state boycott would be pretty misdirected1, in my opinion; and I’m deeply skeptical of just how effective it would be, anyway.

1. Boycotting an entire region (including the Hispanic population that the boycotters are concerned for) for the actions of a few higher-ups makes little sense.


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