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June 7, 2010

the authoritarian’s trump card

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Just as any lengthy political discussion will inevitably involve a Godwin, any lengthy debate on anarchism must involve Somalia – just as your opponent must resort to ‘But that’s what Hitler would say!’ when he’s run out of arguments, the empty-headed statist who hasn’t bothered to engage in any independent research or critical thinking will say, “We can’t get by without the state! LOOK AT SOMALIA!”, and then smugly stew in his own ignorance, as though invoking Somalia automatically wins the debate. However, the seemingly self-sufficient ‘wut about Somalia, guise’ point actually rests on several assumptions, all of which are either highly dubious or blatantly incorrect.: (more…)


June 6, 2010

‘being gracious’

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Officer James Crooker

From; emphases mine:

In mid-May, Portland police Officer James Crooker  went to Southeast Portland on a patrol call. With a few minutes to spare, he decided to get a coffee.

So, he popped into the Red & Black  cafe on Southeast 12th Avenue near Oak Street, bought a coffee and was heading out when a customer approached him, saying she appreciates the hard job that police officers do every day in Portland.

One of the co-owners of the cafe, John Langley,  has another point of view. While the officer and customer were chatting, he walked up and asked Crooker to leave, saying he felt uncomfortable having a uniformed officer in the vegan cafe.

The incident, which was brief, speaks volumes about the tensions between Portland police and some members of the community who are more worried about police shootings than protection.

Crooker said he was surprised to be shown the door but left immediately. He said this marked a first during his nine-year in law enforcement, two in Portland and seven in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

“The places that I’ve been kicked out of before have been places like the methadone clinic,” he said. “I’ve never been kicked out of a regular cafe.”

But the 36-year-old officer, who was born and raised in Portland, said it’s all part of working this city’s streets in a uniform.

“We have a unique relationship with the community,” he said. “You’re there to protect them but on the other hand they don’t know what that involves. Being gracious is part of it.”

When Langley asked Crooker to leave, [Cornelia Seigneur] was startled.

“It was shocking,” Seigneur said. “Everyone deserves to have a coffee, and he was served a coffee. It was humiliating.”

A former Marine who served in Iraq2, Crooker didn’t take the incident to heart.


May 18, 2010

“incorruptible politicians”


Much like ‘government organization’ or ‘unbiased opinion’, the very idea is (oxy)moronic and worthy of nothing more than ridicule2. An ‘honest politician’ is as much a mythical beast as the elusive jackalope; but somehow, I think I have a far greater chance of stumbling upon an antlered bunny in the woods than finding an honest man in Washington. (more…)

May 3, 2010

“Get the fuck out of here! I’ll fucking kill you all!”

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A gaggle of black bloc anarchists recently set their sights on an American Apparel store, startling the hipster shoppers into action – windows were smashed, cops were summoned1, and much silliness ensued. Footage of some of the incident below the cut: (more…)

April 15, 2010

Chomsky on health care

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Everyone needs proper medical care, and it is currently too expensive; but that doesn’t mean that the only available choices are either ‘currently-existing clusterfuck’ or ‘more government’, especially considering that the latter position completely ignores the government’s enormous contribution to the problem in the first place. (more…)

January 4, 2010

your ideas are silly and so are you

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people who never fail to deliver the lawlz:

atheists who believe in fate.

anarcho-primitivists who use technology to argue in favor of anarcho-primitivism.

libertarians who get more pissed off about the fact that the government steals their money and gives it to poor people than they are about the fact that the government steals their money and uses it to murder innocent people abroad.

anti-choice atheists

people who think natural selection implies social Darwinism.

there are probably more; but I’d be typing forever if I didn’t stop at five.

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