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May 3, 2010

“Get the fuck out of here! I’ll fucking kill you all!”

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A gaggle of black bloc anarchists recently set their sights on an American Apparel store, startling the hipster shoppers into action – windows were smashed, cops were summoned1, and much silliness ensued. Footage of some of the incident below the cut:

More from The Gothamist:

Late last night an American Apparel rep informed us that a group of teenage protesters smashed windows at their flagship store on Broadway this past Saturday. After the group took out two windows there, they moved along and ended up smashing windows at several other stores, including a nearby GNC.

The NYPD managed to track down the teens, making several arrests, but during the chaos an American Apparel employee who was helping them (presumably attired in this very flexible Nylon Spandex Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bodysuit number) fractured a forearm.

Pictured is a photo of the group in action that the company sent along to us. With so many anarchist attacks on the store lately, this latest by some marketable teen$, we wonder if this is just their new ad campaign. They told us the busted out windows will cost around $3,000 to replace… which has got to be cheaper than a billboard on Houston Street.

1. As much as I hate Dov Charney, I think window-smashers are silly, misguided, and counterproductive – they make anarchists in general look bad by association. The man who called the police is still an asshole, though.


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