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April 15, 2010

Chomsky on health care

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Everyone needs proper medical care, and it is currently too expensive; but that doesn’t mean that the only available choices are either ‘currently-existing clusterfuck’ or ‘more government’, especially considering that the latter position completely ignores the government’s enormous contribution to the problem in the first place.

Why not point to currently-existing government interventions in the economy (e.g. strict medical licensing that artificially shrinks the availability of doctors, restrictions on buying insurance plans across state lines, the FDA’s Kefauver amendments and the huge amounts of money and time needed to approve new drugs, printing excess money, and so on) that clearly exacerbate the problem instead of falling back on the ‘more government’ option? This is what I’d expect anarchists to do.

..but coming from Noam Chomsky, whose position basically boils down to “ANARCHY! …eventually, I guess.”, this shouldn’t be surprising.


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