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January 4, 2010


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something odd: why do so many people who claim not to believe in free will spend time arguing with other people about why free will doesn’t exist? …or arguing about anything, really?

After all, when you make an argument to me, you’re assuming that I can look at your evidence and decide whether to accept it or not. But if my decision-making process weren’t consciously guided by me, what would be the point of arguing with me to try to convince me of something?

So, it’s pointless for people who don’t believe in free will to try to argue/debate with anyone about anything, yet they all inevitably do. Of course, this is silly; but when they’re arguing against the existence of free will, it’s downright hilarious.

(Of course, one could argue that someone is deterministically-compelled to argue with me over free will, and that I’m deterministically-compelled to accept their arguments; but this is…weird.)

1. I know ‘weird’ isn’t any substantive criticism, but there’s something wrong with it that I can’t quite place. I might say more about it later.


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